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For · the · appreciation · of · Merope · Gaunt


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Hi! I don't know how I didn't get around to joining this place sooner. I love Merope.

I come offering a fic and an essay...

Title: Meliora
Author: Marauder
Rating: R
Pairings: Merope/Morfin, Merope/Tom
Summary: Pregnant with Morfin's child, Merope longs to escape to a life with Tom, and a better world for the child she hopes will be a girl.
Warnings: Really depressing, incest, dead deformed baby.

Perhaps there were Muggle healers who could fix her eyes, and she would have a pale pink bathtub with lavender soap. Her bed would have a satin quilt, with light and dark blue squares, and she could be Tom’s pretty wife forever.

Essay: Why I Like Merope Gaunt

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