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For · the · appreciation · of · Merope · Gaunt

fic: balance of power (merope/morfin, r)

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Title: Balance of Power
Author: V.M. Bell
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to JKR.
Summary: That's what makes the game fun.
Rating: R for incest, noncon, voyeurism, masturbation, and I do believe Merope and Morfin are underage
Pairing: Merope/Morfin with voyeur!Marvolo, implied Morfin/Marvolo
Word Count: 221
Author's Notes: A birthday drabble for shaychana, who requested a bit of Gauntcesty fun.


Blood trickles down her chin and colors the wall red as Morfin shoves her against it, his dirt-crusted fingernails ripping the fabric from her skin. The girl is scared, there’s no doubt about that, and only her black eyes stand defiant. A little obstinacy, a little rebellion – that’s what makes the game fun.

A beautiful sight, Marvolo decides as he pulls out his cock from his trousers, eyeing his children. My son doesn’t even bother with the bed. I’ve taught him well. “Make her scream,” he commands.

And she will, he thinks, his eyelids fluttering as he grows hard. Youth is exuberant and knows no limits. Morfin will ravish her.

From beneath her brother’s body, little Merope searches out her father. She wants protection now from the only one with the power to button up her dress and dismiss her into the garden with a pat on the head. She knows that with but one word of protest from the family’s authority, Morfin will scurry away (no doubt with a sullen look), so she does what any daughter in her position would do: she asks, she beseeches, she begs.

But men in the throes of ecstasy hear not the voice of reason, only the synchronized groans of climaxes reached and a mewing cry torn from an unwilling throat.


Signing off, V.M. Bell
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