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For · the · appreciation · of · Merope · Gaunt

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I reread the Potter books and I really loved the flashbacks in HBP. I found the whole Merope story fascinating. But after rereading it I found my mind going down some rather nasty paths.

Marvolo doesn't seem the type to just sit back and let the Gaunt name die out, does he? He's so incredibly proud of his heritagage I think the idea of the family name dying out would be horrible to him.

But there aren't any Gaunts left to keep the line going. Except Merope and Morfin.

And there's only one Gaunt who can carry children.

...I mean...I don't think I'm the only one who's thought of this.

Merope seems so terrified of her father I can't help but wonder...


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spewchallenges is a new community that awards elf made prizes for prompt contests. All artistic forms of expression are encouraged so if you make cosplay costuming, staged photography, fan videos, music, knitting, or other forms of art normally excluded from prompts: this is the place for you!

Their first prompt is up and I'd like to see participants from all over the HP fandom regardless of ship or sexual preference!

We don't have a word count minimum or limited amount of entries, so if you like drabbles, haiku, or limericks you are encouraged to join as well!

Come give us a look!
If this post is not allowed please delete. I did not mean to offend.
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Hi everyone, I'm so glad to have found this community. I posted a fic in my journal today about Merope's growing up and her decision to use a potion on Tom. It's more or less my first fic in HP fandom, so please be gentle. :) Thanks!

Title: Merope
Author: sophinisba
Pairings: Merope/Marvolo, Merope/Morfin, Merope/Tom, Sr.
Rating: PG-13? (adult content without explicit detail)
Warnings: Rape, incest, child abuse. (Also: miscarriage, abortion, love potion.)
Words: 2835

fic this way
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Author: Bitterfig

Title: A Mother’s Lament

Character: Merope Gaunt (addressing Tom Riddle Jr.)

Summary: Merope's words of wisdom to her son.

Word Count: 100

Rating: PG

Author’s Note: This is a drabble written for the prompt "Deception" at [info]minorhp100.  The line “Beauty is truth, truth beauty” is from John Keats’ poem “Ode on a Grecian Urn.”




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Hello! I am new to this community! I love Merope Gaunt, and though this might not be a theory.. I figured, I could ask other Merope lovers for help?

I want to play a girl similiar to Merope[Since, I can't play Merope in any RP on GJ or anywhere else :(!!!!] Any tips to how Merope should be roleplayed out? Like how to flesh out her personality?

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Hi everyone, I'm new to this community, but glad I found it because Merope Gaunt is my latest muse! I offer for your perusal the Merope fic I'm writing. It's posted on ff.net for now, although new chapters will also be up in my journal.

Title: The Right Hand Path
Author: Sophiax
Rating: PG-13 (for later chapters)
Pairings: None
Summary: AU. Merope survives to raise her son, Tom Riddle.
Warning: None
Read it on my journal: here
Or here, at fanfiction.net: 'When the doorbell rang on a cold, windy New Year’s Eve, it sounded like a death knell to Mrs. Lucy Cole...'

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Hi! I don't know how I didn't get around to joining this place sooner. I love Merope.

I come offering a fic and an essay...

Title: Meliora
Author: Marauder
Rating: R
Pairings: Merope/Morfin, Merope/Tom
Summary: Pregnant with Morfin's child, Merope longs to escape to a life with Tom, and a better world for the child she hopes will be a girl.
Warnings: Really depressing, incest, dead deformed baby.

Perhaps there were Muggle healers who could fix her eyes, and she would have a pale pink bathtub with lavender soap. Her bed would have a satin quilt, with light and dark blue squares, and she could be Tom’s pretty wife forever.

Essay: Why I Like Merope Gaunt

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Apologies, but it really took me THIS long to figure out why fandom's repeated chorus of "She RAPED him!" annoys me. She did; I know she did, there's no denying it. But it wasn't until this discussion thread that I realized the exact source of my discomfort with the case of Merope Gaunt: read more...Collapse )
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Title: Moonlit Rosemary
Author: sampaguita_blue (in her other journal)
Pairings: Merope/Tom Sr.
Characters: ditto
Notes: Hi, I'm new and I hope you like this fic... 258 words.
Summary: Whilst searching for her last necessary ingredient for the love potion, Merope is finds herself inspired.

(Against her better instincts, she turned toward the speaker and froze. She found herself face to face with Tom Riddle.)

Constructive Criticism and Feedback (of any nature) would be greatly appreciated.
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Title: Balance of Power
Author: V.M. Bell
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to JKR.
Summary: That's what makes the game fun.
Rating: R for incest, noncon, voyeurism, masturbation, and I do believe Merope and Morfin are underage
Pairing: Merope/Morfin with voyeur!Marvolo, implied Morfin/Marvolo
Word Count: 221
Author's Notes: A birthday drabble for shaychana, who requested a bit of Gauntcesty fun.


my son doesn't even bother with the bedCollapse )


Signing off, V.M. Bell
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