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dimmeststar's Journal

For the appreciation of Merope Gaunt
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I wish my baby it was born
And smiling on his daddy's knee
And I poor girl was in my grave
With the long green grass a-growing all over me

O grieve, o grieve and I'll tell you why
Because that young girl has more gold than I
He takes this young girl on his knees
And he tells her tales that he won't tell me

I wish, I wish, but it's all in vain
I wish I was a sweet maid again
But a maid again I never shall be
Till apples grow on an orange tree

Dig me my grave long wide and deep
Put a marble stone on my head and feet
And on my breast place a white snow dove
For to let the world know that I died for love

This community is for any fic, art, essays, discussions, or theories about Merope Gaunt. By its very nature, HBP spoilers are inevitable, be warned.

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